Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra

VIPcontacts Presents Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra 

The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra is a giant 10-vocalist rock band that performs thunderous, fist-in-the-air renditions of classic Rock. As the works of Mozart and Beethoven live on in symphonies, the URO performs as a unique and unconventional kind of orchestra, bringing to vivid life the glorious music of classic rock. Performing with power, nuance and feeling, the URO is honored to bring these iconic classic songs to today's audiences.


U.R.O.  set lists consist of:

  • Queen (Music of Queen thru out the years)
  • American Rock (Music of Heart, Boston, Queen, Styx and more)
  • Bands In Boston ( Music of Aerosmith, The Cars, Boston and More)
  • British Rock (Music of Queen, Bowie, Beatles, Who, Led Zeppelin and more)
  • David Bowie (Music of David Bowie thru the years) 
  • Quardophenia ( Music of The Who's Quardophenia)

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