Fundraising Events

Since 2016, VIPcontacts has raised over $750,000 for fundraising events for schools, intramural sports, municipalities, businesses, charities, food banks, animal shelters...

If you need to raise money... we are here to help!!




3 GREAT entertainers for Fundraising Events!!

1) Psychic Medium Vanessa will connect with "Messages from Above" and share with attendees
2) Comedian Dave is hysterically funny with off the cuff improve and real life situational material
3) Magician Josh will leave the audience wondering how he did it!!


All our entertainers are professionals and are very successful with raising money for fundraiser events.  We also have access to National Acts for Fundraising events!!

Other entertainment we represent:  DJ's, Tribute Bands, Reality Stars, Sports Stars, Models - Most of our Exclusive VIP Events and entertainers can be hired for fundraising!!

Our list can be seen at

Interested in planning a fundraising event – contact to discuss your fundraising requirements

What ever you need to raise funds for… we can help!!